Thursday, June 12, 2008

Imaginary Friends

Does your child have an imaginary friend? Does this imaginary friend get your child in trouble? Are you tired of your child's imaginary friend making messes and never going home? Well let me tell you, Ana has outstayed her welcome at our house. Ana is Autumn's imaginary friend. She is a good imaginary friend most of the time, but lately she has been out of control.

Ana has to have her own place setting at the table including a cup of water. She has her own seat in the car (with it buckled of course), because Ana is always with us. She spends the night almost every night and never wants the fan on which Ashlyn always does. Ana takes my Autumn all over the store when we are shopping. Ana will talk Autumn into just about anything. We have even called Ana's imaginary mom to have her pick Ana up and take her home. At a restaurant she wanted not only Ana to have her own dinner plate, but a highchair and food for Ana's imaginary baby sister. I had it and told her that both Ana and her baby sister need to be with their mommy. As she preceded to argue with me, a group of ladies were giggling about the situation I told them " If your child doesn't have an imaginary friend don't ever get one."

Now Ana's imaginary big sister has been hanging out at our house too and getting into things she shouldn't and I am tired of all of them. We told Autumn that we all need a break from Ana and her imaginary family. Autumn told me the other night that Ana and her family are taking a break right now, but the next day they were all back. Got to love an imaginative 3 year old.


The Goodwin's said...

I think that is really cute.

Kaneyukis said...

hi smiths! it's good to connect with you online! your kids are so dang cute... happy blogging and we'll check you for updates :)