Monday, June 23, 2008

Aubrey's week of swim lessons

Every time we go to the pool little Aubrey tries to swim like her sisters. So Noah and I thought that she might do really well in week of swim lessons. On the first day she cried with the teacher for half the time.

The next few days she did much better, but still didn't do what she does with us. With us she kicks, jumps in, dunks, does monkey walks, and will reach for the dive sticks on the steps. Her teacher was mostly working on kicking and blowing bubbles when she tried to do the other things she would just cry. On the last day I was optimistic that she would have her best lesson yet.

Well a picture is a thousand words...

Thats right she slept the entire 3o min. of her lessons. Oh well!


The Patricks said...

I know you probably get sick of hearing me say this but your girls are all so beautiful. I really hope that Max can marry one of them someday:) It will be very exciting to see what a boy would look like but if #4 happens to be a girl, you know she'll just be a doll!

I really need to get Max swim lessons. Every time I try to teach him he loses focus!

The Goodwin's said...

That's okay Aubrey will be swimming like a fish before you know it.