Sunday, June 8, 2008

Aubrey is Offically in Nursery

Aubrey is now 18 months and her 1st Sunday(June 1st)in nursery was nothing much to write about, because she didn't make it through much of class. She went to the 1st hour by herself with many tears and so they brought her to her daddy. Daddy then passed her off to me and I went back to nursery to get her to stay.

They were singing songs when we came in the room and that got her attention, because she loves music and loves to sing. Then they had snack. I thought I could sneak away then, but she was keeping tabs on me. She was a good little eater and we moved on to reading books and having a lesson on ears. All she did was clean up all the books the other kids were leaving on the ground and then kept pushing chairs around. The last thing they got to do was play with playdough which she loves so I decided to sneak out at that point. About 5 min. later they brought her to me oh well church was over anyway.
Well today Aubrey cried and cried. She only made it about 15min. without dad and mom. We will just keep trying and make her time out of nursery boring so she will want to go into her class.


Rachel Keyser said...

:( Good-luck! I guess I should be happy that Logan isn't very attached to me.

Zwinggi Family said...

What a big girl! Time is blowin' by!