Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dedeicated to our Moms

A Sonnet for My Incomparable Mother
I often contemplate my childhood, Mom.
I am a father and a mother now, and so I know
Hard work is mixed together with the fun;
You learned that when you raised me long ago.
I think of all the things you gave to me: Sacrifice, devotion, love and tears,
Your heart, your mind, your energy and soul--
All these you spent on me throughout the years.
You loved me with a never-failing love
You gave me strength and sweet security,
And then you did the hardest thing of all:
You let me separate and set me free.
Every day, I try my best to be the kind of person like you were to me.
By Joanna Fuchs


The Patricks said...

Wow! is your mom holding you? Your girls look EXACTLY like you! Beautiful girls! Hope you had a Happy Mother's day.

Rachel Keyser said...

I was thinking the same thing. I think Ashlyn looks the most like you!