Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st Day of Swim Lessons

This is the 1st day of the 1st week of swim lessons for the girls. Ashlyn has taken several lesson and is feeling more confident with her fear of swimming. She loves the water and loves to go to the pool, but for some reason will not trust in herself to let go and swim. She can swim all by self if she just believed in her self a little more. We are hoping the lesson will build her confidence to just go for it.

Autumn is on her 2nd year of lessons and is still learning the basic. She can go under the water for 8 seconds with her eyes open and is learning to feel relaxed in the water.

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The Patricks said...

I remember when I was little taking swim lessons. The backyard from what I see looks really similar! I think I'll start Max next year although Carmel is trying to get me to sign up for it over at the lake. Glad to see you guys are doing great!