Thursday, April 3, 2008

Frustrated, Mad, and Bummed.

We awoke this morning to find out(via e-mail) that ATA Airlines filed chapter 11 bankruptcy(we thought we were safe when we heard about Aloha). What does that means for us... our flight to Maui is no more, not to mention we are out a lot of money. I have been on the phone with ATA and my credit card company to get some answers on if we will be able to get our money back. After a a couple hours, several phone calls, and a huge headache I have filed a dispute claim with my credit card company in hopes of a refund(however there is no guarantee). Pray that we get a full refund.

On a happier note we are still determined to go to Maui in July and have been looking at flights on other airlines. The downside is the cost. Everything we have seen is $200+ per ticket more than what we bought our tickets for. If any one sees any great deals on flights to Maui June 25th -July 20th let us know.

The moral of the story is: Book your flights with what you hope is a reliable airline or just don't fly!


The Lenehan Clan said...

That is such a huge bummer. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get your money back...that totally sucks!

Rachel Keyser said...

AGREED! Let us know if you decide to go ahead and buy tickets.

M said...

That totally sucks! I really hope you get your money back.