Saturday, March 29, 2008

Camping at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park 1st half

Monday after Easter we headed to Henery Cowell Redwoods State Park to camp for a week with the girls. We got there about 2:30 and set up camp. We were able to relax the rest of the afternoon and enjoy the beautiful surrounding. We made foil dinners and played a new card game called Swap (lots of fun). When it got dark we roasted marshmellows and made smores. Yummy! Tuesday we went to Seymour Scinence Marine Discovery Center where the girls got to visit a working marine laboratory. The girls looked at aquariums, touch tanks where they held sea stars and other sea animals, enjoyed hands on exhibits and saw the world's largest whale skeleton.

Then we headed to the beach to play in the sand. We went to Twin Lakes State Beach which is said to be the warmest beach in Santa Cruz. It was pretty nice. We built sand castles or in dads case a sand "Bug", flew kites, and enjoyed the warm sand and nice weather.

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The Patricks said...

Your girls are too adorable! I really think they're my favorites ever! Vacations are so much fun. Your girls are gonna have the best memories of growing up!