Sunday, February 10, 2008

Point Reyes

Saturday was such a nice day that we decided to go for a drive and enjoy the weather. Our driving took us to Point Reyes on the coast. Point Reyes is located on the north coast due west from Novato and San Rafael. The drive there from US 101 was beautiful. Point Reyes has alot to do there. There are lots of hikes and backpacking trails to go on. We took a little 0.6 mile hike called the earthquake trail. It took us to a place where we could stand on the San Andreas fault where it ruptured in 1906. There is a fence there that was split in half and was offset when the earth moved 16 feet laterally in 45 seconds. Crazy. After our hike we drove by Tomales Bay to Drakes Beach which are both in the Point Reyes park area. The beach was beautiful. There is an old lighthouse in Point Reyes where you can watch the grey whale migration right now and a place called Chimney Rock where you can see 400+ Elephant seals right now. You have to take a shuttle to both places and we were a little late so we didn't make it to see those areas. Maybe next time. We had fun playing at the beach until dark. It was a great sunny February day.

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Rachel Keyser said...

Looks like fun! We need to go there sometime. Check out the Smith Family blog. I posted about Easter.