Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Playing in the Snow

Every year we make our annual visit to play in the snow. Sometimes we have family that comes with us and sometimes we have friends that will come along. We always go to Echo Summit which is now Adventure Mountain Lake Tahoe. They have groomed sled hills at various heights were you can use a saucer, inner tube, or sled to ride down the hill. This year Noah's older sister Rebecca, her husband Art, and their four kids joined us in the fun.
Ashlyn had a great time going down the hill with her cousins Kylee and Davis.Autumn was totally excited to play in the snow and go down the hills (she has been for weeks). Noah took her on her first run, they counted to 3 and then they were off. Faster and faster they flew down the hill. Noah put both feet down to slow the sled, it worked, and they didn't crash. But little Autumn who was in the front of the sled, became a human snowman. Her face was all wet and covered in snow. She was whimpering and mad at her dad for getting her all wet. She walked over to me and with a serious face said "My daddy got my eyes and my hair all wet!"

We never did get Autumn to go down another hill the entire time we were there.
Aubrey even sat on the sled and went down a baby hill we made for her (when she wasn’t asleep).
We made a silly snowman named “Mole” and threw snowballs at each other. The sun was shinning and we couldn't have asked for a better day. We all had a wonderful time laughing and playing with the kids.

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