Saturday, January 26, 2008

Planning our sabbatical

Noah and I sat down the other night to plan out what we wanted to do for his sabbatical. This will be eight weeks of what ever we want to do as a family. Our first plan was to travel further up the coast of California to Oregon, then into Washington and over to Montana. Down through the tip of Idaho into Wyoming and down into Colorado our last stop before heading home. On the way back we would travel through the tip of New Mexico into to Arizona and finally back to Brentwood, California. We would be enjoying all the sights and unique places along the way.
After a good nights sleep we said to each other "What are we thinking?" We must have been sleep deprived to think that we could drive over 4,000 miles with 3 little girls and still be having fun by the end. We revised the trip, but that was still about 3,800 miles of open road and 3 kids being kids.

We asked the girls what they wanted to do. We got Disneyland, New York City, Grandma's house, Camping to that place we went a long time ago(no idea what they were talking about), and Hawaii. The last place Hawaii sounded so relaxing and like a great idea, that we decided on Maui for 2 1/2 weeks. Nothing but sun and relaxation(well as much as we can get with 3 girls).


Rachel Keyser said...

We're planning to come! Probably the first week, we'll just have to watch for cheaper plane tickets.

The Patricks said...

Wow! 2 1/2 weeks! Now that's a vacation! That's not fair cause you're already tan!